RTA Permission for Vehicle branding

In the UAE, graphic vinyl branding on vehicles requires mandatory permissions from the RTA. All designs and details have to be submitted for approval. Advertising permits have to be renewed annually if all the prerequisites are met.

Avail expert guidance from our experienced staff regarding permit types, application processes, documents required and everything else related to the permits. We try to provide you with a seamless process that gets you permission and helps you avoid rejection due to the non-compliance process. Our online RTA account will get you seamless digital approval with minimal hassle.

Vehicles that can avail RTA approvals for vinyl stickers:

• Motorcycles • Cars • Passenger vans • Cargo vans • Trucks • Busses •Other

Documents required for RTA permits:

• Design intended for the vehicle • Trade license and Mulkiya (Also Referred as Vehicle Registration Card)

Things to remember:

RTA permits are compulsory throughout the UAE.

They have to renew annually.

Along with creating custom vinyl car wraps for your vehicle, DXB Signs provides services to help you procure the necessary permissions to advertise your business on your vehicles.



Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai is an organisation responsible for issuing permits and authorising all regulations for vehicles according to the guidelines prescribed by the institution.

RTA permits are compulsory for any kinds of stickers and vinyl applied to vehicles for advertisement purposes. The permit ensures that all imagery on the road adheres to the values of society.

You will have to submit the design intended for the advertisement, along with your valid vehicle registration cards or Mulkiya – and a valid trade license.

RTA permits depend on the type of vehicle and the coverage of vinyl stickers for advertisements.

They include:

Vinyl stickers: A logo and commercial name on the front doors only excluding windows.

Complete wrap: Full vehicle covered in vinyl stickers except for the windows.

Partial wrap: Coverage anywhere between 1/3rd to 3/4th of the vehicle excluding windows.

Temporary Stickers: Advertising with vehicle stickers for a particular event.

Approval from the Dubai Police (Vehicle Inspection Report) is required in case the colour of the applied design alters the vehicle’s original colour by more than 30%.

Yes, you can, provided you get a no-objection certificate (NOC) for the vehicle from the rent-a-car company you intend to advertise.

At DXB Signs, we have an expert team of highly experienced staff that can help you document, procure and renew permits annually. With our digital account, we can navigate all permit approvals easily and help you acquire vehicle wrap permissions hassle-free.

It usually takes 1 to 2 working days for approvals to be issued once all necessary documents are submitted and payments are made to the RTA.

If your vehicle wrap design alters the original colour of the car by more than 30%, then additional approval is required from the Dubai Police (Vehicle Inspection Report). This could delay the approval process by a few days.

RTA permit fees for car advertisements depend on the size of the image and its placement on the vehicle surface.

The fee structure is categorised as:

Basic logo advertisement: In this category, you can display your brand logo, number, trade name in English and Arabic, P.O Box number and other contact details. The charges for this category are pretty nominal.

Half/ Partial wrap: Vehicle graphics that cover half the vehicle that includes the sides and rear bumper of the car. It is mandatory to display the contents in English and Arabic.

Full/ Complete wrap: Graphics covering the entire vehicle, barring the windows and roof (which is not allowed as per RTA guidelines) falls under the category of full/ complete vehicle wraps. It is mandatory to have the contents and trade name displayed in both – English and Arabic.

Give us a call to know more about what works for you and your business. Connect with us to find out more about RTA fees.


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