The beauty of a vinyl-wrapped car comes with the expense of taking care during the summers. To keep that beauty consistent, there are some tips you should consider in these heated dreadful summer months. At DXB Designs, we use high-quality, UV-resistant 3M vinyl for all of our car wraps, ensuring that your product is prepared to withstand the hot and bright sun rays.

Summer Vehicle Wrap Tips

Depending on the maintenance, some car wrap lasts for 7 years or more. Nevertheless, the usage of UV-resistant 3M vinyl wrap can often not beat the constant heat and can cause damage to the car wrap. Hence, below mentioned are some pointers to consider for your vehicle during summertime:

Hand Wash Regularly

An automatic wash or under pressure washer can harm your wrapped vehicle. Therefore, wash the vinyl-wrapped car with your hands daily. Don’t opt for harsh soaps and detergents. Organizing time for wash during cool hours of the day will help you preserve the vinyl wrap.

Store the Vehicle in Shade

If feasible, avoid parking the wrapped car in direct sunlight. UV light can be harmful to vinyl wrap, although some types of vinyl are resistant to heat. Place in shady areas so that the wrap can last longer.

Apply a Polish

A film of certain polishes can be applied to the vinyl wrap car to assure extra preservation. Inquire about these polishes to your wrap provider and apply the best quality of polish for an enduring and satisfactory result.

If you would like to learn more about how to care for your car wrap in summer, or to find out more about our vinyl wraps and services, drop a message and we’ll revert to you with incredible wrapping solutions.


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