Did you know advertising your business on wheels can be as easy as booking a cab? Just send your graphic design and we’ll take care of the rest. While planning to install your car graphics, consult our in-house design specialists for the best outcomes. We have realized that many people want to design their vehicle wraps, hence we are always happy to offer insights in the best way we can.

Designing Your Vehicle Wrap

Initially, you should speak to your installer – who will be vinyl wrapping your car. Give him a proper vision of your design and discuss the wrap before digitizing it. Note down the complications for different designs and accordingly plan out yours. To get a clear idea while designing your car, consider some of the tips listed below:

Establish Your Intention

Everyone has different intentions when wrapping a car. Some do it for personal use, while others do so for marketing. If your intentions incline towards marketing purposes, have a message ahead of its time and use the wrap to enhance the same. Keep in mind to circulate your message in a crisp and clear tone.

Assess the Vehicle’s Curves and Lines

In case you are working with a panel van or bus, the car wrap is not a flat canvas. It covers the whole vehicle, so it is best to design the wrap overtop of a scale image of the vehicle itself.

Keep Messaging Simple

The mantra for effective marketing is to keep your message subtle and honest. Align it for clear visibility to your audience and use minimal text, if possible.

If you are interested in designing your car wraps and need assistance, drop us a message. DXB Designs will be at your service with the best wrapping remedies.


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